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8 Social Media Posts
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2 Blog Posts
2 Social Platforms
16 Social Media Posts
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Hire an entire marketing team
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Take away some of the stress. Let us help.

We get it; growing a business is hard. It takes serious work – we know – we’ve done it. You’ve probably read about how you should start delegating tasks to others. 

Letting go of your entire marketing can be a daunting task. We are more than happy to step in where you need us. No commitment; you can order what you need when you need it.

We give you the opportunity to get access to an entire marketing team but only paying for what you use. 

Some of our capabilities

Social Media

Have you ever really executed a social media strategy? We have the resources needed to make sure your brand resonates.


One of those loose terms that marketers use to sell you super expensive fluff. However, it is crucial. Branding is your companies personality, and you want to control it.


In today's world, content is king. But you can't just post any content. You want good quality, and you want a plan.


The superstars of today. They are the people that make sure you look professional, and they make people engage with your company online.


When creating content, you want a solid SEO plan. You'll create vast amounts of text, and you want that to work for you long after you publish.

Paid Advertising

"Build it, and they shall come." I'm not sure if that was ever true. To attract people to buy your services, you need marketing, and advertising is a massive part. We do SEM and SMM to get the most out of your ad-spend.

About Us

We started at thursday because we felt that it was time to help the small businesses with their marketing. There was a win-win-win opportunity to help small businesses with their exposure and content marketing and at the same time bring value to upcoming creatives that are starting their career.


The tools available to us today are amazing. You can now create content for multiple platforms with the use of automation. This bings an opportunity to small businesses to implement some of the same tactics used by mid-size and enterprise companies that just wasnt there before.


With our system of finding upcoming talent that produces great content we have the privilage to offer you creative work at a more reasonable cost. The win-win in this situation is that you get amazing creative work and the talent gets more real life exposure with projects.


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Colorado, United States
& Stockholm, Sweden

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