4 Reasons why you absolutely need a website

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Why is a website so important?

We build websites for many clients, and a lot of times, we get the question of why they even need a website. It doesn’t take long for them to realize what they would think about someone else’s business if they didn’t have a website.

No matter what you sell, from consultant services to house cleaners. If someone wants to hire you, they are probably looking for you online. And if there isn’t anything about you online, they will become suspicious.

Whether or not this is a legitimate suspicion is a topic for another day. The fact that you took the time, money, and effort to build a website signals to your customers that you are serious about what you do even though you are the one who has published the content.

4 Reasons why you need a website

93% use the internet for research before making a purchase

Not having a website means that you’re not even in the race. They won’t find you, and even if they see you, they won’t consider you because they can’t read anything about you. We aren’t saying that you need a vast million dollar website. But you can use something like WordPress or Squarespace to at least start a small online presence for your business.


91% use the internet to look for local goods and services

If you are servicing your local community, then this should be a massive deal for you. Google can tell when they are crawling your website that you are a business in your location and selling a service. There are more advanced ways in terms of SEO that can be made to make sure that you show up on search engines for words that are related to your local business. However, just having a website is a good starting point.


64% prefer to buy from a business they can contact online

It’s super convenient for your potential customers to look you up online if they want to do business with you. I did this the other day. My wife needs to fix her phone because of a broken screen. I happened to walk by a local shop that repairs phones, but I didn’t feel like walking in to talk to them at that moment. So I took a picture with my phone and looked it up with a Google search when I got home. That’s another 200 dollars that they get from us because I could find them online.


79% of customers trust online reviews

If you don’t have a website, you don’t have a place to control the conversation. What if someone is posting bad stuff about your business online, but you have no idea. And there is no contrast to read whatever anyone else is saying online.

When they look for your business website to see if the claims seem legit, they can’t find you. That is a pretty done deal for your business — they will pick someone else.


Consider a website

We get it. You’re busy, and a website isn’t high on your list. Even though we recommend hiring someone to build you a professional website with all the fundamentals implemented, there are ways to get up and run.

Use a service like Squarespace to open a website that looks good for your business. All you need to do is write a little text and upload some good pictures. If you don’t have professional-grade images of your own, we recommend pexels.com. Spend a few hours trying to find relevant photos for what you care about that doesn’t look stock.

And here is another tip if you feel that you are too busy setting that up. Do you have an intern? Ask them to set the account for Squarespace up. Tell them to present you with three options of designs with your logo on it. Pick one and then help them create the copy needed. — there, you have delegated the whole thing.

If this has you convinced, you have decided that you don’t have the time or the energy to do it yourself. You are more than welcome to drop us a line. We have the professionals needed to make your website a success.

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